London is like hairspray—just one spritz is not enough.

Maybe that’s not the best analogy, but I just bought a new bottle at Boots (an English version of CVS) and applied it in my flat while using Photo Booth as a mirror. Don’t worry my curls didn’t suffer.

This is round two for me in London. It’s just as I remembered it. You know, except for the Olympics and all.

This time around, there will be some old and some new. Old is awesome by the way. During my first day in London I, as well as some other BSU at the Games students, walked along River Thames and visited the London Eye, Houses of Parliament and Tower Bridge. These sites never get old.

It was a really cool feeling taking my friends, who have never been to London, to see those sites. I felt like a tour guide, and I loved it.

We also worked on mastering the tube system—inventing a “tube route quiz” to really help them get a good grip on it. By the end of the day I’d say they were doing pretty well!

New is just as awesome. New sites (Olympic sites that is), new pubs and new people are all on the agenda.

Did I say new pubs? Let me tell you about the new pubs. A friend and I went to a place called The Cider Tap. Conveniently enough, The Euston Tap was right across the street. We were our own game of pinball—bouncing from one pub to the next. It ruled.

Nothing beats the people of London. Yes, pubs are good for beer, but they’re better for meeting people. Good conversation is waiting to be had over a good English ale. Cheers to Pete, Stu, Sean, the Fro brothers, Sophie and Kerry. Oh, and Rory, the one with the hilarious American impression… “Oh my God, are you from England?”

Moral of the story: you can never use too much hairspray.

Alix Sappington |  Public Relations