999 (n): help line equivalent to American 911

Advert (n): advertisement

Amber (n): yellow traffic light

Arse (n): ass

Bangers and mash (n): sausage and potatoes

Bap (n): hamburger bun

Barney (n): a small quarrel or fight

Big dipper (n): roller coaster

Biscuit (n): cookie

Bless your cotton socks! (phrase): sympathetic saying similar to "Bless your heart!"

Bridge roll (n): hot dog bun

Cheeky (adj): lippy

Cheers (n): thank you, goodbye

Chips (n): frieds

Cooker (n): stove

Cuppa (n): a cup of tea

Daft (adj): dumb or foolish

Draughts (n): game of checkers

Eiderdown (n): bed comforter

Face flannel (n): wash cloth

Fag (n): cigarette

Fancy (v): desire

Fit (adj): attractive, hot

Have a collapse (phrase): lie down to rest

Hole-in-the-wall (n): ATM

Holiday (n): vacation

Jumper (n): sweater or sweatshirt

Knackered (adj): exhausted

Lift (n): elevator

Loo (n): toilet

Lorry (n): truck

Mad (adj): crazy or wild

Mate (n): friend

Mental (adj): really crazy; often used to describe events

Mind the gap. (phrase): A phrase seen throughout the London Underground that reminds travelers to watch their step from the train to the platform.

Mum (n): mother

Naff (adj): tacky

Petrol (n): gasoline

Pint (n): beer

Piss up (n): an outing which has the sole purpose of getting drunk

Pissed (adj): drunk

Quid (n): pound

Rubbish (n): trash

Snap (n): photograph

Sorted (phrase): to have solved your problems

Spot on! (interj): You got it!

Sussed out (phrase): figured out

Take away (n): to-go box

Titchy (adj): tiny

Tube/underground (n): subway

Uni (n): college or university

Way out (n): exit