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Photo of the day: Closing Ceremony in Victoria Park

Thousands gathered for the live screening of the Olympic Games Closing Ceremony Sunday in Victoria Park, London. Fans watched the performance on huge screens, danced to live music and rode the ferris wheel as London 2012 went out with a bang.

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Photo by Valerie Carnevale.

Photo Gallery: Closing Ceremony

Thousands of people gathered in Victoria Park Sunday night to watch the closing ceremony. The park hosted the largest free viewing of the event. In addition to three large screens to watch the ceremony, there was a ferris wheel, zip lines, dance performances and live musical acts.

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Photos by Valerie Carnevale.

Photo Gallery: Olympic Pin Trading

Trading pins has become a popular activity during the Olympic Games. Traders flocked to London from near and far, eager to share their collections of pins and expand their own. For some, it is their first time participating in pin-trading. Others have been doing it for twenty years. Traders can be found outside Olympic Park, throughout Westfield Shopping Centre and near other major tourist areas. Check out our story on Olympic pin trading.

Photos by Valerie Carnevale.

Photo of the day: London Borough Market

The London Borough market serves fresh international cuisine every day during the Olympic and Paralympic Games and is a must-see for visitors. See our full gallery of the market here.

Photo by Valerie Carnevale.

Photo Gallery: Borough Market

The London Borough Market is a must-see for city visitors. Just outside the London Bridge tube station, this international food market is open every day during the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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Photos by Valerie Carnevale.

Seeing the Queen is a moment I’ll never forget

Recently we turned out in the streets along with many Worcester residents to witness a historic moment: Queen Elizabeth II’s visit to open Worcester’s new library.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I was SO excited to see real-live royalty in person. Everyone lined up along the barricades were craning their necks to see the first sign of the royal car turn the bend. Even the skies were awaiting her arrival; the rain clouds cleared and bright sun shone down just as the car appeared.

When Her Majesty stepped out of the car, supported by the arm of her dashing husband Prince Phillip, I almost swooned. She was everything I pictured! Petite and adorable in her pink skirt-and-jacket combo, looking just like someone’s cute little grandma (or “nan” as they call them here)—the kind of grandma who always remembers birthdays and never burns cookies.

The Queen greets crowds of people as she makes her way into The Hive in Worcester, England.

Yes, these were the thoughts going through my head as I photographed the Queen’s 15-second walk from the royal car into the Hive, as the new library is called. As I sorted through the photos later in the day, I was struck with the thought that someday, 50 years from now, this photo will probably be framed on my wall and I’ll look at it and be instantly taken back to that spot on the side of the street where I was a mere 15 feet from the Queen of England.

And that is exactly why I love photography, because photographs have the power to transcend time and distances and immediately take you back to a moment that will never happen again.

Valerie Carnevale | Photographer


Photo Gallery: Errol Spence, Jr.

In one of the biggest scoring controversies of the Games so far, Team USA boxer Errol Spence, Jr. was awarded a victory Friday night in his fight against Indian boxer Krishan Vikas after the jury reversed the original ruling that Vikas had won. Of 9 boxers competing for Team USA, Spence is the only one remaining in the running for a medal. He will compete again on Tuesday.

Photos by Valerie Carnevale.

Photo Gallery: Street Performers

Although street performing is technically illegal in London except in Covent Garden, performers can be found all over the city. Entertaining passersby on busy street corners, in open-air markets and in almost every Underground station, street performers are part of the pulsing energy of England’s capital city.

Photos by Tyler Varnau, Corey Ohlenkamp and Valerie Carnevale.

Photo of the day: Boxer Rau’Shee Warren

Team USA Boxer Rau’Shee Warren fights today in the Men’s Fly (52kg) event as one of two American boxers left in the competition. See our full gallery of Warren here.

Photo by Valerie Carnevale.

Photo Gallery: Rau’Shee Warren

Is the third time a charm for Cincinnati native Rau’Shee Warren? A competitor in both the Athens and Beijing Olympics, Warren is competing for Team USA for a third time in boxing. He is one of two American boxers left in the competition. Check out our video piece on Rau’Shee here.

Photos by Valerie Carnevale.