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Spectators take a break from Olympic sports for Temper Trap concert at Hyde Park

By Emily Thompson  |  BSU at the Games

The Temper Trap concert entertains fans at Hyde Park, London.

Although the London 2012 Olympic Games are winding down, the fun at Hyde Park has not subsided. Everyday throughout the Games, “BT London Live” has featured Olympic events on huge screens around the park, bands playing throughout the day and a wide variety of food trucks.

Friday night, Australian indie-rock band Temper Trap performed. Immediately following an Olympic sailing event on the screen above the main stage, the announcer for the concert brought out the band.

Spectators who had been there all day, as well as those who had just come for the concert, cheered for the five band members, who started with “Love Lost”. Temper Trap put on a fun, passionate show, complete with tambourines.

The concert was free, but there was a ticketed area closer to the stage. Directly behind it, Londonders and visitors from all over the world stood or sat on blankets in the wood chips. For the duration of the concert, the competitive sports atmosphere surrounding the Games resembled a summer outdoor music festival.

Annabelle Francis had come to Hyde Park to watch athletics, taekwondo and boxing on the big screens and had no idea there was going to be a free Temper Trap concert. She was excited to find out, though.

“I do love their music,” she said. “It’s just easy listening; it’s quite feel-good.”

Although some Brits have been less than thrilled about the hectic state of London these past three weeks, Francis is not one of them.

“I love it,” she said. “It’s been awesome. It’s been great to be part of the atmosphere. Even in Hyde Park, it’s just great to see everyone supporting [Team] GB, everybody and their flags.”

On the other side of the stage, a group of four friends, three from Canada and one from Switzerland, had come to Hyde Park specifically to see Temper Trap.

“Temper Trap set the perfect mood of the day,” Jeffrey Cox said. “It was a good daytime vibe.”

Cox and two others are staying with Krista Pike, who is currently living and teaching in London. Although the band only played five songs, she said she really enjoyed the “smooth and mellow” sound of the band and overall atmosphere of the park.

The group only had one complaint.

“We’d like for there to be more entrances,” Cox said. “It seems like there’s 65 exits and only one entrance. That could be improved upon.”

And as Temper Trap closed its set, the lead singer left the stage saying, “Enjoy the Olympics. Make some more friends.”

Emily Thompson is a senior magazine journalism major at Ball State University and features reporter for BSU at the Games. Follow Emily and the BSU team at @ekthompson2410@bsuatthegames and