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Photo of the day: Team Poland super fan

A polish fan sits at Piccadilly Circus with a group of friends. Though they were not able to see any events, they were still enjoying London and showing their support.

Photo by Corey Ohlenkamp.

Videographer Taylor Bussick tells all

Taylor Bussick  |  Videographer


Mood turns optimistic as Games begin

By Jack Meyer  |  BSU at the Games

The dimly lit Café Kick Sports Pub in central London was a mix of jovial patrons, drinks in hand, staring at TV screens showing the Olympic Opening Ceremony last night.

Between beers, cocktails and games of foosball, foreigners shared Londoners’ excitement in welcoming the Games to the city above the low roar of the pub, which was spilling out the front doorway into the street.

Colin Davidson stood outside Café Kick watching the ceremony while sipping a Peroni and said he expected the Games to have a strong economic affect on London, especially it’s east side.

The diverse group of pub-goers cheered as their country’s athletes filed onto the stadium floor. The three hour event ended early enough for those watching the ceremony at the stadium and elsewhere to get home before the London’s Tube underground system closed for the night.

“It’s a great moment for Britain,” said Davidson, who has spent all 32 of his years in London. ”I think it’s just pushing us more together than ever. They’ve put a lot of this money into this, and it’s going to bring Britain back to where it needs to be.”

The narrow pub filled with pride when the Olympic rings hovered above the stadium, and groups of drinkers from around the world clapped and shouted as their country’s athletes spilled out onto the floor.

“It’s nice to have an event that involves the whole world coming together in one place,” said Elliot Maule, an Indian-Englishman from the Clapham Borough on London’s south side. “Even though London has the Olympics, it still involves the whole country. So I think it’s a huge source of pride for the whole of the U.K.”

The Opening Ceremony marked the beginning of the Games last night with appearances from celebrity L.A. Galaxy Soccer star David Beckham, a performance from Sir Paul McCartney, and actor Daniel Craig taking part in a video piece showing Queen Elizabeth II “parachuting” into the Olympic stadium.

The performance included an estimated 15,000 volunteers, according to BBC reports.

“The English are very unassuming and honest and pessimistic, and I think everyone had a lot of negative thoughts going into this,” said London local Susie Combem. “To me, watching this tonight, I feel really proud and I feel really patriotic.”

Jack Meyer is a senior news journalism major at Ball State University and features reporter for BSU at the Games. Follow Jack and the BSU team at @bsuatthegames and