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Daily Video: David Boudia’s Olympic dreams

After watching the Olympic Games in 1996, Indiana diver David Boudia told his mom he wanted to be an Olympian. He just didn’t know what sport. Now, the two-time Olympian is in the diving finals of the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

David Boudia’s Olympic dreams

What do I have in common with Olympians? A dream

I have to admit that I’m pretty star-struck. I’m halfway through Day 1 of the 2012 Team USA Media Summit in Dallas, and I’ve been able to interview several gold-medal contenders. Not only am I surrounded by competitors in the single largest international sporting event, but I’m also working alongside media professionals from all over the country.

During the first event of the day, I interviewed shot-put champion Jillian Camarena-Williams. One of the aspects that stood out most during my interview with Camarena-Williams was her nails—all are painted hot pink with the exception of her right index finger, which is painted gold.  Camarena-Williams explained that the gold on her “No.1” finger is a reminder of what she’s working toward.

Although I certainly won’t be competing in the Olympic Games anytime soon, I can relate to Camarena-Williams in terms of working toward a specific (and sometimes seemingly unachievable) goal. Working alongside media professionals from the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, Twitter and more is completely and utterly nerve-racking.

But in the same way that Camarena-Williams is constantly reminding herself of her Olympic goal with her nails, this opportunity to network with both athletes and media professionals is a reminder that my goals to succeed in the field of journalism are within reach.

With all the opportunities with which I have already been presented in the past 24 hours, my goal is getting that much closer to becoming a reality.

Emily Thompson  |  Features Reporter



Photo of the week: Team USA Media Summit coming to Dallas

The annual United States Olympic Committee Media Summit will be held this weekend. This photo is of U.S. Olympic hopefuls at a previous summit.

Read more about this year’s summit and our team members who are attending.

Photo courtesy of the United States Olympic Committee.


2009 Team USA Media Summit