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For greenspace—and green ideas—don’t miss the Olympic Park

Heading to the 2012 summer Olympics? Wondering what to do?

With all of the chaos and excitement going on, there is something for everyone, from shops and restaurants to leisure activities. Check it out.

The Olympic Village is in the Olympic Park located in Stratford, East London. This park is not only about grab-and-go stands filled with food and souvenirs, but also much, much more. Providing a green background for the Games, the park is where all of the activity goes on outside of the stadium.

What’s in the park? Along the riverside, there is a northern and southern part to the park. The northern part–the “festival area”–has:

  • Developed industrial land, created just for the Games
  • Riverside gardens
  • Markets
  • Special events
  • Cafes and bars

The southern part (it may be safe to call it the more relaxing and less chaotic area) has:

  • Quiet space
  • Green ways to manage flood and rain water
  • Designated space for rare species to live…such as otters and kingfishers!

This park is no joke. There are 250 acres of new land developed by the Olympic Delivery Authority. They planted 4,000 semi-mature trees over 300,000 wetland plants, more than 10 (10!) football fields-worth of annual and perennial meadows. The development was so in-depth that they just finished planting everything as of November 2011!

The Riverside London 2012 Garden is half a mile long, located between the Aquatics Centre and Olympic Stadium. It boasts 120,000 plants, including 250 different species from all over the world.

The park is so developed and “futuristic” that even the trees were carefully selected. These trees are said to be able to withstand years and year of climate change and unexpected weather patterns. To make it even cooler, they are mostly all native species of London.

Finally, the art in the Olympic Park is something that could take an entire day to experience. For more information on how to see it, check out Olympic Park Art.

It is said that wherever one is in the Olympic village, the park will provide a scenic view with access to a path that opens up a whole other world of activities and memories to be made.

Sara Schaefer  |  Features Reporter