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Photo of the day: Women’s triathlon

Erin Densham, Nicola Spirig, Lisa Nordem and Helen Jenkins race to the finish of the women’s triathlon Saturday. Nicola Spirig (second from right) pulled ahead to win the gold.

Photo by Emily Theis.

What happened yesterday at London 2012

Check back daily for our recap of Team USA happenings, including events competed in, medals won and Americans watching at home.

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Opening Ceremony viewing in Victoria Park

Victoria Park housed the largest free public viewing of the Opening Ceremony in London Friday night. The park had lines over a mile long to get inside and a colorful mix of spectators wearing their respective country’s flags. It housed three big screens, a ferris wheel, zipline, and was less than two miles from Olympic Stadium.

Also check out our video from the live screening of Opening Ceremony at Victoria Park in London.

Photos by Valerie Carnevale, Taylor Bussick and Emily Theis.

Video blog: When classwork meets the Olympics


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