02 Aug 2012

Daily Video: Swimming, boxing updates

BSU at the Games daily video series featuring Team USA athletes. Today’s video features USA Swimming’s Eric Shanteau and USA Boxing’s Errol Spence, Jr.

Shanteau swims for others, Spence ready to box

02 Aug 2012

Daily Video: USA Judo’s Kayla Harrison advances

Michael Nauman reports from the Excel Arena in London where the judo finals are being held Thursday. USA Judo’s Kayla Harrison will challenge for the gold medal in today’s competition, a feat she has visualized many times

USA Judo’s Kayla Harrison advances to finals

02 Aug 2012

Daily Video: U.S. Gymnast John Orozco

BSU at the Games continues its daily series introducing you to members of Team USA.

John Orozco – USA Gymnastics

02 Aug 2012

Just another normal summer on the streets of London

By Charlotte Dunlap  |  BSU at the Games

Swiftly walking down the strip of South Bank, it didn’t matter if you didn’t have a clue where to go or what to do, because the immense crowds of spirited people were the decision holders. The rush of traffic left people standing in line for the London Eye or down the path of the notorious street entertainers.

The variety of acts seemed to make park goers very intrigued on what was on display. There is someone—or something—to watch for any age. Words of reactions weren’t needed; the facial expressions of people said it all. Some screamed excitement, others content, a few disgust but most were energetic and eager to see more.

The beats from blaring music carried down the path of entertainers until crowds began to deplete from the one-man-band acts. It was the last act on the block, and they call themselves One Motion.

“We’re all from London, been dancing here for a while. But we do have some guys who are from other places … Korea, Japan, some French guys, but basically London is our central place,” Ude said, leader of One Motion Dance Crew.

As the sonorous beats continued, space to spectate became limited. The amorphous break-dance moves fed loose change to the bins imperfectly placed around the checkered dance mat.

“I like the fact that the work that you do here is up to you. Whether you want to work or not, you’re your own boss, you get to work with friends, you get to meet a lot of interesting people, it’s a nice lively place to work, its really good fun,” Ude said.

Children gazed as the team’s routine seemed like nothing they had witnessed before.

“The dream of the crew is to just keep dancing. To get young people to join in, to train other people up to do the things that we do, and to do better … to do more,” Ude said.

The flashing of camera lights, the in-sync clapping and the roaring of the crowds gently faded as the crew called it a day.

Sometimes words aren’t needed to deliver a feeling, and for One Motion Dance Crew, their ineffable dancing does all the talking.

Charlotte Dunlap is a senior telecommunications major at Ball State University and features reporter for BSU at the Games. Follow Emily and the BSU team at@charr_mariee@bsuatthegames and www.facebook.com/bsuatthegames.

01 Aug 2012

Daily Video: Eric Shanteau swims for a cause

Four years ago Eric Shanteau experienced the Olympic Games unlike any athlete before; he swam with cancer. Four years later he competes again in London, but no longer swims for himself. He organizes a LIVESTRONG event, Swim For Your Life, every year to help those living with cancer. Now cancer free Shanteau swims for a cause.

Eric Shanteau – Swim For Your Life

31 Jul 2012

Daily Video: USA Fencing & USA Judo in action

Brandon Pope has Tuesday’s video of the day, featuring USA Fencing’s Alexander Massialas and USA Judo’s Travis Stevens.

USA Fencing & USA Judo highlight Tuesday action

31 Jul 2012

Daily Video: Monday’s Diving Report

Pat Boylan reports from the Olympic Aquatics Center after today’s 10m platform synchronized diving finals, featuring Indiana’s David Boudia.

Monday’s diving finals

29 Jul 2012

Daily Video: Brendan Hansen’s lost medal

The finals of the men’s 100-meter breaststroke at the 2012 London Olympic Games are set for tonight, featuring USA Swimming’s Brendan Hansen. What did Hansen do when our Pat Boylan asked him about his lost medal in 2008? Watch this.

Brendan Hansen’s lost medal

28 Jul 2012

Daily Video: USA Archery practice in London

BSU at the Games visited with the U.S. Olympic Archery Team at its training for the Olympic Games.

USA Archery practice in London

28 Jul 2012

Daily Video: London Live Victoria Park

BSU at the Games takes you to one of many Opening Ceremony celebrations across London for the start of the 2012 London Games.

London Live Victoria Park