I’m sure each member of BSU at the Games had some fears about our time in England before we made the trip over here.

Some of those fears probably related to whether or not we would get all the stories we needed, or if our leaders would like our work, or if media outlets would even accept our submissions.

Mine was slightly less conspicuous.

My fear was of the Tube.

Between sitting around 20 other complete strangers and having to navigate through that complex route system, I dreaded my first ride through London’s underground tunnels.

The anxiety of sitting in the crammed cars and thinking I would either get off at the wrong stop or somehow get pick-pocketed was a little overwhelming at first.

But now I have ridden the Tube to many parts of London, and I’ve realized how my fears were misguided.

Every car is spotless and clean, which is a far cry from the trashy subways you can find in New York City. Passengers mostly keep to themselves, waiting for their own stop to come.

It’s been fun for me as a born-and-raised Hoosier to use public transportation more than I ever have before.

That fear along with any others I carried with me into England has quickly subsided. For the rest of the group, I’m sure they’re coming to the same conclusion about their initial reservations.

The realization that we would all be spending three weeks here and working on new projects almost every day was probably a bit too much to handle for some people in the group during the first week.

Now that we’re into the second week, I think most of our fears, problems and worries are behind us, from the big ones to the small ones.

Stories are starting to pick up. Our group leaders have told us how pleased they are with the work we’re doing. Media outlets like The Huffington Post and USA Today have picked up our submissions.

And I’m no longer afraid of the Tube.

Our hard work is paying off, and it’s only been one week. Finally, I feel what this program was built on, coming to life.

I’m immersed.

Andrew Mishler  |  Sports Reporter