By Jack Meyer  |  BSU at the Games

It might be assumed any establishment across England whose title bears the words “Ye Olde” is a gimmicky trap for tourists looking for a medieval experience, but one pub in Central London is worthy of the name.

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, one of London’s oldest pubs, was rebuilt in 1667 after London’s great fire and has survived the reign of 14 English monarchs and welcomed the likes of Charles Dickens, Samuel Johnson, Walt Disney and Queen Elizabeth II.

The pub still serves drinkers from across the world with it’s olde-timey feel and is a must see for Olympic-goers this summer. Here are a few things that may interest you enough to come in and have a pint or a plate of fish and chips.

- Great Beer

The pub, referred to by locals as “The Cheese,” is owned today by English brewer Samuel Smith who keeps the pub stocked with a wide selection of its stouts, ciders, taddy casters and organically brewed lager and wheat beers. The pub’s three bars on two floors offer beers and ciders on tap and many more in bottles ranging in price from £4-6. Wine is also offered for those who don’t care for the taste of beer.

- Great Atmosphere

One step into The Cheese is a step into the past. Dark dusty wood and stone floors leave no questions as to the legitimacy of the pub’s age. Its dimly lit halls upstairs wind through two standing and sitting areas and wooden doorways leading into the pub’s cavernous cellar, which offers another full bar and an arching brick celling. Although tourists frequent the pub, its nooks and location down a dark Fleet St. alley make it feel intimate.

- Escape the Olympics

Although travelers won’t find The Cheese tourist free very often, it’s an oasis away from Olympic drama. Samuel Smith, according to the bar staff, doesn’t allow televisions or music in the pub according to company policy. “The company is just old fashioned—we like the old kind of chatty pub atmosphere,” Dominic Moss said, a Cheshire Cheese bar staff supervisor.

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