By Lindsey Gelwicks  |  BSU at the Games

The Oxford Circus Underground station opens up to a sea of shoppers milling about the intersection of Regent and Oxford streets. Four royal-looking storefronts loom on each corner, each one identical, with three levels of broad windows rising above their ground floors. Only the signs indicating H&M, United Colors of Benetton, Niketown and Tezenis set each apart from the other.

Studs provide details to a variety of garments such as this denim jacket and white denim pants from the store Zara.

Tourists taking a break from the Olympic venues and Londoners alike mix on the street, providing an eclectic blend of styles ranging from trendy to jeans-and-t-shirt clad. But don’t look on the streets for the newest trends; look in the nearly 300 shops spread out within the heart of London shopping.

Inside lie several trends popular on the streets of England. Below are just a few to look out for:

- High/low hemlines. Found in dress, skirt or even t-shirt form, these hems are higher in the front than the back. Several styles feature them as a sheer overlay to a short skirt.

- Studs. First emerging in the 1970s punk scene, studs are covering everything—pants, jackets, shoes. Though most common on denim, some studs show up on lace, providing a juxtaposition to the soft, feminine style.

- Vintage. Vintage infuses nearly every style in every store. “England is crazy about vintage,” boutique employee Andre Amorin said.

- Prints. These aren’t the regular animal prints of past trends. Current prints covering shirts, shorts and dresses feature quirky objects like red lips, birds in flight and open umbrellas.

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