Our team of journalism, telecommunications and public-relations students have been working hard since the start of the semester to get the ball rolling for our trip this summer. Along with getting our Olympic projects together, we have to build our brand—BSU at the Games—to become a reliable source. If we don’t look like a legitimate team, we won’t be taken seriously once we’ve gone overseas.

With building our brand, a logo is very important. When talking about how we wanted our logo to look, we wanted to incorporate our name and the Olympics. One thing that jumped out at me is the torch. The torch is very symbolic of the Olympics, and I think it is very recognizable.

After hearing what our professors wanted and getting critiques from the entire group, I managed to make a logo that I believe captures the essence our team was looking for. My design was simple and to the point yet gave us a professional look. With help from the critiques and a fellow teammate, I adjusted transparencies to have more depth in the torch and flames. I loved a lot of the other designs my teammates created, but I’m very proud mine was chosen.

Creating a logo was just the first step in really branding ourselves. If we are going to be paired with large household news-media names, it is key that we demonstrate that we are doing exactly what they are doing for this opportunity.

Annie Gonzalez  |  Graphic Designer